Culture and People

The Maldives has developed its distinct culture and traditions brought by a very diverse group of ethnicity who visited and traveled the island over time. One will find bits and pieces of Indian, African, Arab, and Sri Lankan culture in every part of the country. The diverse traits of the people are evident not just physically but also in how they deal with others.

The Maldivian language is Dhivehi, an Indo-Aryan language with its origins in Sanskrit. English is the second language widely spoken in the country due to the eco-tourism and hotel/resort industries.

Cuisine and arts are just two of the main showstoppers of one's vacation on the island. Food shouldn't be a concern as one can find food and drinks from all over the island. Fish is an integral part of the Maldivian culture. Coupled with coconut oil and milk, two other popular ingredients in the land, one can come up with unlimited sumptuous and creative (not to mention original) dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Arts, music, and dance are also to watch out among the Maldivian culture. Maldivians are known expert craftsmen skilled at wood carving and lacquer work. They also make woven mats from reeds and jewellery. In terms of music and dance, one can easily pinpoint North Indian influence in the tune, rhythm, and cadences.